Standard under cooked, under portioned bought in Caramel Shortbread. Source Ridiculously Rich by Alana

I’d love to supply your cafe/restaurant with cakes, tray bakes and desserts.

I’ve worked in Cafe environment for over 5 years and I’ve seen the normal standard of ‘bought in’ cakes and traybakes, even the so-called handmade options. See the example here of a caramel shortbread with very little caramel (undercooked too).

Many ‘bought in’ options take a classic homemade recipe and change it to reduce the cost of ingredients and increase shelf life* leaving the bake a flavourless, dry shadow of it’s former self.

*(even though they are frozen anyway so whats the point?, also moisture in a cake for example is a big factor in it being considered ok to eat – so by removing moisture to counteract mould, you make the product taste about ten days old to start with, but hey – at least it won’t taste any worse in another ten days time!)

My Caramel Shortbread is cooked to the right temperature and there is equal weight caramel to shortbread.

My products could not be further from that standard. They are made as you would make them for yourself to enjoy.

All products can be frozen by you, but they are made to order. We don’t make masses in quiet periods then freeze them until you make an order, for you to freeze again – which this company does –

For a price list please use the form below as we offer discounts for multiple purchases.