Trade Supply

I deliver a small range of traybakes for cafes that don’t make their own but still want them to be handmade with ingredients you would use if you were baking at home.

Products include;

  • Caramel Shortbread.
  • Brownie various flavours. Gluten free as standard.
  • Tiffin.
  • Flapjacks.
  • Loaf cakes, lemon drizzle, Gingerbread.

I can also make something similar to your current stock, or use your recipe if the quantity is enough (minimum 4kg of product).

Better Quality at Lower Prices

Many suppliers of similar products sell their products by the pallet load to distributers, so buying from me, their is no middle man which allows me to offer handmade, hand packaged traybakes for the same price as machine made or lower quality ingredient products.

Items like my gluten free brownie are 34% less expensive per kilo than if you were to buy the gluten free brownie via a distributer such as Pioneer Foods. This image is the current price for Handmade Cake Co gluten free brownie.

My caramel shortbread is generally a similar price but with better ingredients, which you can tell when you eat it. Please ask for samples, I carry stock of my competition so customers can taste the difference side by side.


The traybakes come wrapped in cling film because if I was a customer watching a staff member replenishing some traybakes I’d much rather see them unwrap cling film than open a packet. You know that if something comes in a packet, it’s not home or hand made.


Delivery is one day a week, usually a Friday so you are well stocked up for the weekend. Free delivery for orders over £40, hand delivered usually by me so if you have any questions we can talk when I drop off your order.

Normally individual traybakes come in cardboard boxes to protect them. My traybakes come in sturdy plastic boxes which I can collect next order, or take away with me, saving cardboard box waste.

Contact me for some samples here.